Name Only Poster - No Birth Info Needed!

Name Only Posters is a Great alternative If you want a Baby Poster but dont remember OR don´t know the Child´s Birth info.

It´s basically BirthCanva poster With only the Child´s Name on it! (And Birth Date if you want)

How To Order:

  • Pick a design you like
  • Choose Text Style (Style 1 or Style 2, Check the image example)
  • Enter The Name of the Child in the Text Field. (and Date of Birth IF you want that also added on the poster)
  • DONE! - Our Design team takes over from here and create your unique piece of art!



    Poster Details & Delivery info

    Price: 49.00$
    Poster size: 50x70 cm (EU) 20x28 inches (U.S)
    Poster material: 192g/m2 Museum-quality thick, durable, matte paper
    Frame: Not included, only the poster
    Shipping: FREE Worldwide Shipping
    Delivery time: Europe 3-10 Business days, North America 4-16 Business days and Rest of the world 6-18 business days
    Ships from: Depending on your location, We send your poster from either the U.S or from Latvia if you order from Europe.

    Create Your Masterpiece NOW!

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