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What is a BirthCanva Poster?
It is a unique and timeless illustration on a series of posters that takes you back to the precious moment you and your child first met, they are also scaled to your baby's actual length at birth. In your own personalized poster, you can include your baby´s name, weight at birth,Length at birth, time and date of birth and birth place.

What makes BirthCanva different than other similar services?
BirthCanva is more than a service/product, it´s a FAMILY! our mission is to make an everlasting impact and make our customers feel the same pride and happiness they felt when their child was born forever through our products.

We can confidently say that we offer the Best Quality and offer a Money Back Guarantee if you arent satisifed with your poster.

How do I create a poster? How does it work?

First you choose your preferred illustration/Style from our collection. Then on the Product page you simply enter all the details regarding your child:The Baby´s name, weight at birth,Length at birth, time and date of birth.

Then we adjust your illustration so it will be scaled in proportion of the actual length of your baby in scale 1:1. and on the bottom of the poster we will print the name and birth details of your baby.

How much does a BirthCanva Poster cost?

The price of a BirthCanva Poster is 59.95 USD (51.95 EUR)

To which countries do you ship? And what is the shipping costs?
We offer FREE Worldwide Shipping to all the countries out there. yes, we know it´s an amazing deal :)

For Birth Posters;

We Ship to our U.S Customers from our Print Facilities in either California OR North Carolina. 

To The Rest of the world we ship from our Print Facility in Riga, Latvia.

Other Products;

For other products than Birth Posters we have suppliers from The UK, China and more! some products are getting shipped from different suppliers so in some cases you can expect your order to come in different shipments.

What size is The Birth Canva Poster?

The BirthCanva Poster size is 50x70 centimetres (20 x 28 inches).

Is the frame included in a BirthCanva Poster?
Unfortunately, we don´t have frames included - only the poster.


Where can I find a frame that fit the poster?
We are in the process of manufacturing frames. But at the moment You have to buy your frame locally, you can find Frames online at or 50x70cm Frames in EU and 20x28inch in the U.S.

What kind of languages can I create my BirthCanva Poster in?
Check the list on the product page to see what languages we offer. And if your language is not there - send us an email and we make a custom one for you in your preferred language.

How long does the delivery take?

We estimate the following(exceptions can occur):

3-14 business days (after processing time)

What payment options do you offer?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

What kind of material is the BirthCanva Poster made of?
Our Birth Posters is printed on 192g/m2 Museum-quality, thick, durable, matte paper. A statement in any room while they also last a lifetime. 

Where do the illustrations come from?
The illustrations are created by professional design artists of BirthCanva. Each Poster is Custom Made for the Customer.

If I have questions or a complaint, how do I get in contact with you?
Just send an email to us on and our support team will get in contact with you and sort it out for you.

Can I return my poster?
All of our Posters are custom made so - unfortunately, we can’t accept returns or offer refunds unless your poster arrived damaged of course. All complaints (damaged or defective posters) should be made within one week from the received delivery.

We are so confident about our products, so we do offer Money Back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your product.

If I've made a mistake in my order, what do I do?
we can make changes to your poster if you send an email to us within 6 hours from that moment you placed your order. E-mail your changes to