About Us



The idea of BirthCanva came up in 2017 when our son was born which certainly was a turning point for the better in our lives. We realized how fast the wonderful time passes by from the birth of your baby until it grows up - way too fast. 

Our mission with BirthCanva is to make Unique 1:1 Scale Birth info Posters of your child so it can take you back to the precious moment you and your child met the first time. A Beautiful reminder of how tiny your child was that for sure is gonna put a smile on your face everytime you look at it. :)

BirthCanva is based in Madrid and has Print Facilities in Riga, Latvia that serve our European Customers. We also have 2 more Print Facilities in The United States (North Carolina & California) to serve our USA Customers. Just so we can have the shortest shipping times as possible :)

We also constantly working on getting out new awesome products to make that new-family time a little bit extra special! :)

Feel Free to ask us anything!

Family First.
//Tomas & Paulina, BirthCanva