About Us



The idea of for BirthCanva arrived right after our son was born in 2017. Like most families this was amazing turning point in our lives and the start of something new and exiting.

We soon realized how quickly time passes from the birth of your baby until it grows and develops - way too fast. 

Our mission with BirthCanva is to make Unique 1:1 Scale Birth Posters of your child and create a lasting memory of the precious moment that you and your child met for the first time. Each poster serves as a beautiful reminder of how tiny your child once was. They are perfect for yourselves as parents or as gifts for family members :)

BirthCanva is based in Hereford, United Kingdom with a several print facilities in different parts of the world. Latvia for European Customers and North Carolina & California for our USA Customers. We have also added Brisbane for Australian and Asia Pacific customers.

We also constantly working on getting out new awesome products to make that new-family time a little bit extra special! :)

Feel Free to ask us anything!

Family First.
Paul & Mary, BirthCanva